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petite_collec_aguila81 petite_collec_aguila81

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Toys on this photo

  • Cheval Playmobil Marron
  • Be@rbrick "Mikey" 400%
  • Gamerita - Mono
  • Bear Qee - Purple GID DIY
  • Kosplay - Black and White
  • Woodi
  • Knuckle Bear TR Tatoo
  • Knuckle Bear Iron - TR
  • Fang Wolf "Blue Strike"
  • Town Crier - LA Edition
  • Talons - Playlounge edition
  • Beak Falcon: Dark Soul
  • Hell Hound - Hell Gate Guard (Fewmany exclusive)
  • Hell Hound - Chaotic Red
  • Frank Kozik Digi Skull KnuckleBear
  • Fatima - Bird Headdress Navy
  • Possessed
  • Roscoe Diamond “Le Bijoutier”
  • Blue Tattoo Knucklebear
  • Samhain Trooper
  • Teddy Troops
  • The Wankers
  • Tiger Baby (Original)