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Shankweather Shankweather

He is from Louisville, Kentucky, U.S.

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  • ikar11 angel


    511 109 128

    11 years ago


  • Shankweather angel


    432 4 822

    11 years ago

    Thanks! The endless possibilities of the Sqube.

  • ikar11 angel


    511 109 128

    11 years ago

    Yes! Position on left photo is awesome.

  • kittykittymeow666


    10 183 628

    11 years ago

    +1 ikar. didnt know you could do that with those!

  • SillyK angel


    154 1426 1657

    11 years ago

    so awesome!! and i have to count myself in, had no idea, you can place them sideways on top of each other! love it, stephen!

  • jerk_nugget


    211 895 42

    7 years ago

    several years late to the party, but yeah, this is so cool. one of a few toys i wish i had known about & gotten in on the ground floor on :) the left photo is especially awesome!

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