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  • snowtree


    17 283 34

    12 years ago

    I'm not a big fan of labbits, but that shiny gloss looks amazing.

  • coolminifigures


    15 23 15

    12 years ago

    I'm a huuuuge fan of labbits and can't w8 to have these Lustre Gloss Labbits :D

  • lordsketch angel


    381 1089 1433

    12 years ago

    fliphappy, don't be rude! :)
    I suspect coolmini is new to Roto and haven't listed most of hius collection yet

  • quinntheboss


    734 487 437

    12 years ago

    got this guy yesterday, one of the best 10 inch lab bits ever :)

  • Arb


    358 0 24

    12 years ago

    I got it yesterday. My wife brought it from Kidrobot London. :)
    Now it stands on one of my

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