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Owlztoyz Owlztoyz

He is from

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  • Popmonster


    81 93 6

    11 years ago

    What would you like to trade for check out my collection or email me at

  • inspire


    73 6 4

    10 years ago

    What would you wanna trade for the Zombie Maggie? Let me know. Email:

  • Owlztoyz


    196 1256 71

    10 years ago

    @inspire i emailed you twice never heard anything back

  • Taos


    523 195 8

    8 years ago

    What are you looking for concerning the mayo dunny ?
    Send email to

  • Owlztoyz


    196 1256 71

    8 years ago

    @taos email me

  • lordsketch angel


    381 1089 1433

    7 years ago

    I'm sorry to do this but Owtztoyz ripped me off a few yearz ago with the username owlswag. He uses the same emaiI. I never noticed until now he cme back to rotocasted. I can show anyone who wants the correspondance but some of the things he got from me are in gis collection here: like the Agent K dunny, Tara Mcpherson Dunny and Jeremy Fish
    I was supposed to get the 64 Colors 8 inch dunny and Junko Mizuno 3 inch dunny - he claimed he sent them and I never got them and then he stopped answering e-mails. Magically both are in his collection here!
    It's really disgusting behavior and you should be ashamed.

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