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  • MiddleClass


    95 534 124

    13 years ago

    i can't believe i sold this amazing toy :-(

  • elissa_s


    388 689 743

    13 years ago

    Would that be called 'sellers remorse' then?

  • vinyltoyz


    906 139 6

    13 years ago

    it took me years of ebaying to finally score this

  • vinyltoyboy angel


    1373 92 1

    13 years ago

    Just snagged one from an auction. I've been wanting this for years. I'm totally stoked.

  • keepwatch30


    136 27 5

    13 years ago

    Just saw one of these on the KR message board up for grabs

  • royallyfcked


    3 53 16

    13 years ago

    On ebay for 280 auction or 310 bin.

  • ToyPunkJan angel


    1881 1896 2109

  • nickgraffiti


    135 10 6

    11 years ago

    paid 75 dollars when it come out i feel lucky

  • WriterEv


    2 0 2

    9 years ago

    I want to obtain the original 12" Bill McMullen Ad-At from Span of Sunset 2004 - I now have a 6" Brand New Ad-At Point 5 from Bill McMullen (his latest version of his Ad-At vinyl toy that was sold in a very limited edition at DesignerCon 2014 this year). I am willing to trade my new Ad-At Point 5 for an original Ad-At Span of Sunset PLUS pay you for the Ad-At Span of Sunset in addition to the trade.

    So, you get a new Ad-At Point 5 PLUS payment for your original Span of Sunset version!

    Anyone interested???

  • Pokey27


    28 2 3

    4 years ago

    There's one of ebay at the moment
    Seller is Hardlife27

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