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  • KillstreetStudios


    191 148 1

    13 years ago

    If anyone has one of these for sale/trade PLEASE let me know! I will do anything for this toy!

    You can reach me on the Kidrobot Boards:


    Just comment back here!!!

  • Miznotic_Garden


    120 6 28

    13 years ago

    Just listed one on Ebay... put the link up next to "Where to buy?"

  • Darkone99


    0 1 1

    12 years ago

    Listed is gone on ebay...... Is there any place else I can buy one of these? Price needs to be within reason as I have run into some that would rather take everything you got to get it, that to me is just greed. Price does not have to be ridiculous, but fair to both the seller and the buyer.

  • octoyaki


    1 0 1

    12 years ago

    I have one. If anyone is interested, I might be willing to sell on ebay.

  • rococomaiden


    1 0 1

    11 years ago

    I am selling this on ebay now.

  • lalala


    155 332 12

    11 years ago

    im interested in buying this, please contact me if you have her available.

  • Gonzalezb8


    1 0 1

    10 years ago


  • stoffer


    133 103 2

    9 years ago

    Anyone selling/willing to trade this? Would need it for Christmas ;-)

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