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  • vinylcreep


    350 301 50

    14 years ago

    the colour on this is awesome!

  • vintango


    249 139 18

    14 years ago

    I am so super excited that I was able to get one of these before it sold out online (in under 4 minutes)! The colors are just incredible and he's such a cool looking little creature!

  • Vadim angel


    777 516 471

    14 years ago

    I missed it :(
    Was ready with my phone, trying to order it, and there was some connection glitch. When I finally loaded Rotofugi, it was sold out... :(

  • Soldatoj57


    597 2605 65

    11 years ago

    Anyone selling?

  • wflourance


    34 60 19

    11 years ago

    JUST GOT HIM. Glows like crazy!

  • malinablue angel


    522 28 126

    10 years ago

    Desperate to find this one....anyone selling? would pay extremely well



    85 44 10

    10 years ago

    @malinablue - email me at

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