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  • jeremyriad angel


    566 356 245

    14 years ago

    Could anybody briefly describe what exactly is the appeal of this particular figure? I don't want to start a Kozik or labbit argument, but purely what do you like about this specific figure?

  • vinylgoddess


    365 108 162

    14 years ago

    Kozik's answer: It makes me money.


  • squiddypoo


    110 5 9

    14 years ago

    The "smorking" is part of Kozik's satirical appeal.

    I think this labbit is cute but I won't be buying it.

  • Danimal


    3480 672 29

    14 years ago

    I think the labbit is actually a perfect vinyl piece- in the world of potamus, mongers, random animals, whatever- this is the one that works for me. It's dead-ironic but not, dead but alive, judgmental but blank- large, smooth, simple- and a bunny who is actually on all fours. This labbit isnt great- it feels like a cheap version of the castro one from Series 1 or the special 10" ones- but those were super-smart: all olive, single red star, and the smork was centered because it was a cigar and brown.

  • Ghost_Target


    460 85 11

    13 years ago

    I got this because my wife was a Navy Corpsman and when I showed it to her, she said I had to get it.

  • jazzydan angel


    499 646 2538

    13 years ago

    I love labbits!

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