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  • doc18 angel


    1593 19 280

    14 years ago

    resurfaced in SF

  • rcoconnell


    261 478 94

    13 years ago

    The box says "Recon" -- is that not the name?

  • Vadim angel


    777 516 471

    13 years ago

    Not really... 'Recon' is a streetwear brand.
    This figure was produced by STRANGEco in conjunction with Recon and HK toy producer Three Zero.

  • MaquetteCity angel


    154 129 400

    12 years ago

    Just got one of these today!
    I particularly like the more naturalistic arms than is usual on designer toys,and that the hands aren't sculpted in a neutral position,plus of course, it has some nice little bits of artwork dotted about it. :)

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