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  • jazzydan angel


    499 646 2538

    10 years ago

    worst series ever.....

  • lordsketch angel


    381 1089 1433

    10 years ago

    I'm waiting to see the rest of the designs

  • kittykittymeow666


    10 183 628

    10 years ago

    can you say 'money grab'? not sure why KR keeps recycling stuff with huck when there are a lot more deserving artists out there!! =////

  • Ya8sama


    240 144 22

    10 years ago

    I like the idea of the Dunny Evolved: "..each artist delivers a series of 3 dunny designs".
    The 2nd stage of evolution -
    is not as simple as this one.
    Who's the 3rd? He must must to be a superhero ))
    Mr. Huck Gee, surprise us, please)))

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