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  • Shankweather angel


    432 4 822

    11 years ago

    Man, this is disappointing. Ardabus has so many great Dunny designs, and I've been saying he deserves a production piece for years. And then this? Google "Ardabus Rubber Dunny" to see what he can really do.

  • MrLongbaugh


    131 392 100

    11 years ago

    Couldn't agree more.

  • kittykittymeow666


    10 183 628

    11 years ago

    I know exactly what you mean shank. Saw this about 6 months ago and couldn't believe he went with this one.

    He had 2 8" customs at dragatomi and I was tempted to buy both.. really hoped that he was gonna do something like what I saw.. oh well.

  • Zukaty


    171 76 53

    11 years ago

    I like it, just surprised with the 1/40 ratio, even did a couple of alternative color ways in Photoshop just for fun check my Instagram @zukaty

  • maryadem


    477 75 12

    11 years ago

    He mentioned in the KR forum that the name of this dunny is Ruck. Hope someone can update the details. Thanks!

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