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  • vinylgoddess


    365 108 162

    14 years ago

    These guys look so much bigger in PR photos. And then you get them in the mail and you're like, " Wow, put a nozzle on his head and he could hold honey."

    Still really like them, though. Particularly like the finish on the pearl version.

  • SpecialKAC18


    145 111 34

    14 years ago

    Haha that's so true... here's to hoping that the Wonderwall collab will be a proper 8".

  • AlPred angel


    396 106 218

    11 years ago

    If anyone will let him go - please let me know) Thanks!)

  • Draculaz77


    355 333 84

    10 years ago

    Just got the set. Really nice. More like 6" though

  • zombiekel angel


    405 0 504

    10 years ago

    Size edited to 6"

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