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  • J_Walrus


    51 9 368

    12 years ago

    What's the worth of this?

    Can't find anywhere and I could pass then the info onwards :)

  • comatoseghost


    81 18 7

    12 years ago

    Anyone interested in selling this dude? I'll pay top $!

  • endoprine


    132 297 37

    12 years ago

    I got Boxin Bunny, Wounded Cap'n & Eli for $69 shipped steal! He's so hard to find!!

  • emmanouil77


    956 454 11

    12 years ago

    how much for the Wounded Cap'n only shipped to UK?

  • EJohnson


    20 2 2

    12 years ago

    endoprine - $69 for all 3? Can you send out photos of the figures and do they come with original boxes, etc.?

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