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  • rcoconnell


    261 478 94

    13 years ago

    Tristan, received! Now if only I could figure out how to get her to stand up...

  • amavevera angel


    326 75 1144

    13 years ago

    museum putty? or just threaten her, she is just a little girl

  • SpecialKAC18


    145 111 34

    13 years ago

    forget about it... I pulled three of these things and all of them had to be propped up with something or stuck to a surface with museum putty.

  • TiredChildren


    90 25 20

    13 years ago

    Try turning her arms around backwards, and then turn her body around backwards as well, so that her arms are now facing the same direction as her head. Worked on both the yellow one and the pink one for me.

  • Tristan angel


    343 224 314

    13 years ago

    I propped her up in the corner of the shelf.

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