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  • Nerdbomber


    860 9 87

    12 years ago

    got mine today at the con. this sucker is huge!

  • RICO


    208 34 127

    12 years ago

    hey 666way2love, your at the sdcc?

  • kpatl


    12 years ago

    666, that's what she said! sorry, couldn't resist...I'm so immature. ANYWAY, I hope you are having a rocking time at the sdcc :)

  • Shellie


    12 years ago

    They already have some on Ebay for ridiculous prices...

  • kittykittymeow666


    10 183 628

    11 years ago

    this isnt the sdcc11 'dont look back' one is it? i cant find that one on here...

  • jeanlucdesset


    97 1 11

    10 years ago

    i'm selling mine, if someone is interested.
    it's signed by andrew bell on the box
    my email

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