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Dworkin figure by James Jarvis, produced by Amos Toys. Front view.

Front view

Dworkin figure by James Jarvis, produced by Amos Toys. Front view.
Front view
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  • supahcute angel


    115 56 7

    13 years ago

    i love that face.

  • SolidusFake


    58 263 125

    13 years ago

    It loosk like my over weight Black

  • MelancholySpawn


    143 2057 263

    10 years ago

    Is dworkin ALWAYS in a set with Rusty? Or are they sold seperately as well? coz if not, should they really have there own seperate listings here?

  • hu8o angel


    850 1828 327

    10 years ago

    They were originally sold as a set, but you can find them separately on eBay and foruns. I'd keep them separate as some people own just one of the pair.

  • frankiepelle angel


    647 217 56

    9 years ago

    Full name: Dworkin

    Age: Middle-aged. His best years behind him.

    A male Labradumpling (a mongrel mix of fat dogs and Labrador).

    Lives in Rusty’s home as he has become too large for his kennel. Given to Rusty as a Christmas present by an eccentric Aunt. Devoted to his new owner despite Rusty’s obvious ambivalence. Has a pronounced goitre due to dietary complications. Also suffers from excessive flatulence. Overweight as he will eat just about anything. Like most dogs he is supremely stupid.

    Likes: cats, all food, TV, Shiny Man, rest.

    Dislikes: exercise.

    Catchphrase: 'Arf!'

    - via -

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