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  • jazzydan angel


    499 646 2538

    10 years ago

    Oh Mr Spoons, how long I have searched for you!....

  • frankiepelle angel


    647 217 56

    9 years ago

    Full name: Riccardo “Spoons” Zabaglioni
    a.k.a. Mr. Spoons the Ice Cream Man

    Age: 50

    Mr. Spoons is a well meaning although slightly unnerving gentleman. He fell into a huge vat of ice cream when he was a child. He emerged claiming to have second sight. His claims were never substantiated and medical attention was not sought. His mental state was never the same again and was further exacerbated by untreated Post Traumatic Stress, induced by the 3rd Ice Cream War of 1972.

    Spoons has a lock up garage in which he claims to store a selection of extraordinary objects and substances that he has collected on his annual winter world tours. No living person has ever verified these claims. However he considers all of the aforementioned articles to be of merchantable quality and available for sale.

    Spoons drives around Dullwich City reluctantly selling ice cream from his van, but is enthusiastic when soliciting potential customers for his more exotic wares.

    Likes: ice cream, children, tattoos

    Dislikes: bad manners, policemen, Mr. Tubs and his quality designer ice cream.

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